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Becoming who we are

Our work is an expression of ourselves and we don’t compromise on our integrity

We met at college and get along right off the bat. We were passionate about science, and spent hours exploring new frontiers on extra academic activities. This is how our friendship was born. By the time we graduated, we’d both excelled as teacher’s assistants and programming and math tutors. We were fortunate to have had an opportunity to find our calling at a young age. And to utilize our natural gifts. Experience we gained nurtured our business mindsets and helped us to sharpen our skills and knowledge. In 2021, our friendship grew into co-ownership, when we founded nQode. But, what makes us good friends and co-owners? Trust.

What we believe

We believe in being up-front about who we are and what we value

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Human connection is crucial, but we look at roles differently. We put people first and all our people have a real impact on the company. We embrace our people for who they are but we challenge them to be their best self.

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We value excellence and we build expertise, standing beside entrepreneurs, builders, and visionaries, not merely delivering services but forging enduring partnerships with companies.

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We are a growing company with a scale-up mentality. We have a can-do mindset, creating opportunities for our people and for our clients, measuring what matters and adapting with honesty.

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We value happiness and openness. We are hardwired to cultivate an inclusive and diverse culture. And fun must be part of our job description.

Values that drive our success

These nQode’s first-ever company values embody everything that has made us in the past, both personally and professionally, and everything we want to continue to be in the future.

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Love for the profession alone cannot drive success, commitment and dedication. Trust can. Trust creates a space for open communication, creativity and innovation.

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Honesty requires us to embrace difficult conversations. To get comfortable with saying and hearing that something isn’t good enough. We all owe it to each other to stay honest, to listen to each other with humanity and empathy.

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We stay true to the principle of open communication in every possible situation. We want our partners to understand what we’re about as a business – and what to expect from us.

Our promise

Together, we have the power to devise solutions that go beyond serving technology alone, but also prioritize the people who utilize it.

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Empowering people to unleash the limitless potential of technology, catalyzing transformative changes that resonate globally.

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Helping businesses increase their value through technology, maximizing their potential for growth.

Are we a match?

If our values resonate with you, we would love to connect. Get in touch with us.

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Proponets of social change

Carbon offsetting

Unfortunately, we do not have decades for a steady shift to renewables. By using a ‘green hosting’ provider, making sure we develop the web products as efficiently as possible, we can help you achieve your ESG goals by suggesting and implementing ways to offset our digital carbon footprint. We are also planting trees to reduce the carbon impact.



We believe that each one of us can make a significant influence on the world.  We are dedicating 1% of company time to volunteer programs of choice and organize in-house volunteer programs because we wish to empower our people to make a difference, and encourage more sustainable business practices with a positive social impact.



We embrace people for who they are. Our company culture is firmly rooted in diversity. We believe that diversity is intrinsic to success. We hire without regard for age, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.


Not yet another software company

Our ultimate goal is to deliver value to your business by providing quality services with risk-free investments.

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Smarter approach

We match our processes with your preferences. Based on the project’s uniqueness and complexity, we suggest the most efficient cooperation model, development methodology, and tech stack – and ramp up the team of experts with relevant experience.

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Trusted partnership

We are not afraid to uncover weaknesses and limitations of your idea or project. Our goal is to deliver technology solutions that align with your expectations, timeline and budget, and we are honest about how we can or cannot accomplish the goal.

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Transparent process

Our belief is that authentic business values can only be delivered through a transparent process. We offer a deeper level of support to make sure our work is aligned with your project plan, objectives, and target delivery dates.

The team who can deliver results

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Our clients love working with us


nQode is an amazing team! They’re skilled, dedicated, and went above and beyond for us. Their expertise in mobile development allowed us to focus our internal teams on other strategic efforts while nQode took care of our ambitions in the area of mobile. They’re not only friendly and enjoyable to work with, but also provide valuable suggestions and anticipate issues.

Their work quality, speed, and consistent drive for improvement make them highly recommended. Their aptitude for effective communication positions them as an invaluable partner. Collaborating with nQode has been a truly noteworthy experience

Daan Debie from

Daan Debie

VP of Engineering @

One of the most impressive aspects of collaborating with the nQode team is their unwavering commitment to industry best practices. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to coding, ensuring that the quality of their work is nothing short of remarkable. Their insightful recommendations have proven to be instrumental in achieving our goals.

The level of expertise and dedication they brought to the table, along with their ability to consistently deliver on time with exceptional precision, exceeded our expectations and continued to surpass all benchmarks. Working with nQode has been a great business experience for our engineering team.

Quincy Verkolf

Quincy Verkolf

CEO @ the IT Solutions

Any engineering team should possess the ability to understand requirements, deliver on time, and meet those requirements precisely. With nQode, we have discovered a team that excels in all three aspects. We have found them to be highly reliable, trustworthy, and invaluable partners who consistently offer sound recommendations. Their adherence to industry best practices when crafting interactive digital experiences is evident in the remarkable quality of their work.

We firmly believe that every dollar invested in their services is well worth it. Without hesitation, we recommend engaging nQode to anyone seeking a highly productive and solution-driven team. We are committed to maintaining a long-term working relationship with them, as their expertise and dedication continue to exceed our expectations.

Djordje Ivkovic Valcon

Djordje Ivkovic

Managing Director @ Valcon

nQode team

We’re a curious and adventurous team that believes in making a positive impact on people’s lives.

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We are always hiring

Are you interested in becoming a part of our joyful team? Take a look at our current job openings – we would be thrilled to meet you!

You can also send us your CV @ and we’ll stay in touch and notify you when the perfect opportunity arises.

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