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Build and scale beautiful, usable products with an experienced on-demand talent teams.

Scale up your business and capabilities

From a single developer to multiple agile, cross-functional teams, we have the talents, capacity, and ability to meet your business objectives.

Illustration for Team Extension service

Team extension

Give your team a fresh pair of eyes, and new ideas. Extend your team and benefit from our unique set of skills and technical expertise, while keeping your full-time staffing lean.

Extend my team
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Dedicated teams

Access talent with multiple skills, hiring a self-managed team. Dedicated teams cover all of the project’s stages, providing a wide variety of services.

Hire dedicated developers
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Managed teams

Hire IT professionals to fulfill specific required project skills. We can provide the expertise you need on-demand for both short-term and long-term engagements.

Hire a managed team

What product do you want to build?

Creating customized software solutions to provide exceptional value. nQode stands as your trusted ally in software development.

What our clients say about our work


nQode is an amazing team! They’re skilled, dedicated, and go above and beyond for customers. Thanks to their expertise, we could prioritize strategic efforts. They’re not only friendly and enjoyable to work with, but also provide valuable suggestions and anticipate issues. Their work quality, speed, and consistent drive for improvement make them highly recommended and the teams stand out in software development due to their remarkable skills.

Their aptitude for effective communication positions them as an invaluable partner. Collaborating with nQode has been a truly noteworthy experience.

Daan Debie from

Daan Debie

VP of Engineering @

One of the most impressive aspects of collaborating with the nQode team is their unwavering commitment to industry best practices. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to coding, ensuring that the quality of their work is nothing short of remarkable. Their insightful recommendations have proven to be instrumental in achieving our goals.

The level of expertise and dedication they brought to the table, along with their ability to consistently deliver on time with exceptional precision, exceeded our expectations and continued to surpass all benchmarks. Working with nQode has been a great business experience for our engineering team.

Quincy Verkolf

Quincy Verkolf

CEO @ the IT Solutions

Any engineering team should possess the ability to understand requirements, deliver on time, and meet those requirements precisely. With nQode, we have discovered a team that excels in all three aspects. We have found them to be highly reliable, trustworthy, and invaluable partners who consistently offer sound recommendations. Their adherence to industry best practices when crafting interactive digital experiences is evident in the remarkable quality of their work.

We firmly believe that every dollar invested in their services is well worth it. Without hesitation, we recommend engaging nQode to anyone seeking a highly productive and solution-driven team. We are committed to maintaining a long-term working relationship with them, as their expertise and dedication continue to exceed our expectations.

Djordje Ivkovic Valcon Testimonial

Djordje Ivkovic

Managing Director @ Valcon