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What is nearshoring?

Nearshoring is a staffing and human resources practice that involves outsourcing a company’s operations to a neighboring country where the labor is highly skilled but more cost-effective. Unlike offshoring, nearshoring seeks to identify workforces that share similar values and time zones. By outsourcing, companies can streamline costs, expand their businesses, and increase profitability.

Benefits of nearshoring

Enjoy the benefits of having us handle hiring, team setup, payroll, and operations. Nearshore development effectively minimize the expenses commonly associated with recruiting and employing full-time staff.

Increase revenue, cut costs

Nearshoring empowers you to exercise increased control over your production costs by operating in low-cost regions. The ultimate benefit for companies lies in their ability to discover and leverage skilled and proficient talent. With nearshoring, you can optimize your resources and achieve cost-efficiency while maintaining the high quality of your outputs.

  • No investment in hardware and software
  • No expensive recruitment process
  • No overheads

Shared culture

Nearshoring offers significant benefits through shared culture and location. This fosters seamless communication and streamlined planning, enabling faster and smoother product setup and delivery while minimizing the risk of miscommunication issues. Working together becomes much easier, allowing you to achieve your goals with greater ease and effectiveness.

  • Time zone advantages
  • Partners who share the same language and culture
  • Mitigate unforeseen business risks

Similar regulations

With nearshoring, YOU gain a crucial advantage in legal and regulatory conformity, vital for software product development. Protecting data and ensuring privacy align with governing bodies’ concerns in the digital realm. Simplify your journey through varying privacy and data protection laws by leveraging nearshoring’s expertise.

  • Benefits from the proximity and familiarity of the region
  • High-level security and high standards of data security
  • Ensure streamlined communication with the same business models

Nearshore development with nQode

Supporting you in pursuing the right change in people, systems, and processes, ensuring cost-efficiency without compromising on quality.

Dedicated teams

Our dedicated team of experts can provide you with top-notch technological solutions and efficient service in no time.  Our tailor-made nearshore team is specially designed for long-term product development objectives. Hire the top 2% of engineers who possess the right level of expertise to work under your guidance full-time.

Team extension

Assemble a group of IT specialists with high-demand skills who can meet the unique needs of your project. Scale up and down flexibly, increasing or decreasing the size of your workforce as needed. Tap into tech expertise, avoiding all the trouble of administration and infrastructure, while at the same time greatly reducing your labor costs.

Managed team

Depending on your project goals, length, budget, your in-house team’s expertise, and the services you require, we can help you seamlessly scale your delivery capacity. Within just 2 weeks you will get a core engineering team, and a committed PM. The best talent is screened in order to make sure the requirements are met, allowing you to concentrate on your main business tasks.

Staff augmentation services

Augment your team with dedicated engineers who possess the necessary skills. By leveraging their specialized expertise, you can minimize downtime, stay on track with your project goals and bring products to customers faster. Our staffing services offer the flexibility, industry knowledge, and adaptability required to rapidly expand your team and successfully deliver your project on schedule.

Custom development

Build a mature product that matches the specific needs of your business. We offer custom development services, starting from conceptualization to deployment and post-launch support. Our professionals are carefully selected for their expertise, saving you and your team valuable time and resources. Provide us with specifications, and we will deliver the necessary resources to ensure a seamless custom product.

Nearshore agile team

Harness the benefits of our cross-technology expertise, industry vision, streamlined processes, and value-driven culture. Starting from scratch, we guide you through the entire development journey, from creating prototypes to optimizing SDLC processes, resulting in a mature product tailored to your business requirements. Gain the advantage of having professionals who not only understand your vision but also possess the ability to translate it into a practical IT solution.

Our tech expertise

Our expertise and vast experience in software development allows flexibility in matching your needs.

Illustration for Tech expertise
Icon for front-end development

Front-end development

Innovative and robust front end development services to build modern applications with the latest technologies.

Icon for back end development

Back-end development

Customized, scalable, and secure backends for various web, cloud-based and mobile apps across multiple domains.

Icon for fullstack development

Full stack development

Get your project going from start to finish – fast and with no friction – with experienced full stack developers.

Transform technology solutions into catalysts for business growth


What our clients say about our work


nQode is an amazing team! They’re skilled, dedicated, and went above and beyond for us. Their expertise in mobile development allowed us to focus our internal teams on other strategic efforts while nQode took care of our ambitions in the area of mobile. They’re not only friendly and enjoyable to work with, but also provide valuable suggestions and anticipate issues.

Their work quality, speed, and consistent drive for improvement make them highly recommended. Their aptitude for effective communication positions them as an invaluable partner. Collaborating with nQode has been a truly noteworthy experience.

Daan Debie from

Daan Debie

VP of Engineering @

One of the most impressive aspects of collaborating with the nQode team is their unwavering commitment to industry best practices. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to coding, ensuring that the quality of their work is nothing short of remarkable. Their insightful recommendations have proven to be instrumental in achieving our goals.

The level of expertise and dedication they brought to the table, along with their ability to consistently deliver on time with exceptional precision, exceeded our expectations and continued to surpass all benchmarks. Working with nQode has been a great business experience for our engineering team.

Quincy Verkolf

Quincy Verkolf

CEO @ The IT solutions

Any engineering team should possess the ability to understand requirements, deliver on time, and meet those requirements precisely. With nQode, we have discovered a team that excels in all three aspects. We have found them to be highly reliable, trustworthy, and invaluable partners who consistently offer sound recommendations. Their adherence to industry best practices when crafting interactive digital experiences is evident in the remarkable quality of their work.

We firmly believe that every dollar invested in their services is well worth it. Without hesitation, we recommend engaging nQode to anyone seeking a highly productive and solution-driven team. We are committed to maintaining a long-term working relationship with them, as their expertise and dedication continue to exceed our expectations.

Djordje Ivkovic Valcon Testimonial

Djordje Ivkovic

Managing Partner @ Valcon



Our software engineers are abreast with all the latest technologies and well versed with the proven classic technologies.

Front-end Back-end Mobile DevOps Database Management Software Quality Assurance Cloud Service Providers

Front-end shapes

Material UI
Custom Styling

Back-end shapes


Mobile shapes

Languages & Frameworks

DevOps shapes

CI/CD Automation

Database Management shapes

Relational DBMS

Software Quality Assurance shapes

Languages & Frameworks
Automation Architecture and Testing
Manual Testing

Cloud Service Providers shapes


Advantages of our nearshoring service

Take your business to the next level by hiring highly skilled developers.

Industry expertise

Benefit from our nearshore teams’ expertise in popular programming languages and emerging industries. By tapping into their expertise and utilizing the right tools, you can ensure your solution perfectly matches your business goals, project requirements, and company culture, maximizing the benefits for your organization.


Due to proximity and shared cultural norms, our nearshore teams are closely aligned with the work practices and culture of the Western European countries, making communication seamless and effortless. Benefit from a dedicated and unified development team that is fully committed to ensuring your success.

No risks

We support your transformation by reducing the legal and financial employment risks. We are here to help you manage the company restructuring.  No middlemen. Communicate directly with your team or a dedicated PM. Make any decisions and changes whenever necessary.


How our nearshore teams work

Together, we will work closely to ensure your goals are not only met but exceeded, leveraging our collective experience and skills to drive success in every endeavor.


  • We cover all stages

Payroll & accounting, legal & compliance, no additional fee

  • Legal guarantees

All our developers sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Intellectual property

We guarantee transparency, safety, and proper transfer of IP rights

  • Outstaffing consulting

We can help you determine what skilled experts your project requires

  • Risk mitigation

We have seamless communication systems in place along with 24/7 support.

  • Support

We support you with our internal technical experts from the discovery phase and during our partnership


  • Fast resource delivery time

First candidate within 24 hours

  • Fast onboarding

Our team is ready to start usually within one week

  • Domain expertise

Niche technology expertise and a deep understanding of the business domain

  • Geographical proximity

At least 5 hours of overlap time with your teams

  • Unlimited technology stack

We are covering 20+ IT Technologies

  • No minimum or maximum time commitment

Involve the developer from several hours up to 12 months

Best-suited project for nearshore development

Icon for best suited projects for nearshoring

Complicated legacy software solutions that require modernization

Icon for demanding projects that require nearshore team

Projects demanding live collaboration but not necessarily in-person interaction

Icon for companies that are already outsourcing

Companies already outsourcing part of their development but are seeking more control

Icon for companies that require nearshore teams

Companies having trouble hiring good developers due to a shortage of local talent

Icon for startups looking to recruit

Startups without an internal recruitment team looking to quickly scale up

Icon for business that are losing talent

Businesses that are losing talent to larger more established brands

Icon fro Business solutions

B2B & B2C and SaaS Solutions with a pivot strategy

Icon for startups and scaleups in competitive markets

Startups and scaleups operating in competitive markets

Scale your vision into the most efficient way


Nearshore staffing process

We have a proven 4-step method to help you find the perfect candidate or a team.

Discovery icon


We hold a series of meetings to understand the project and business needs, identify the technological challenges you wish to overcome, the member/team requirements, and different organizational aspects. Then we create a recruitment plan.

Icon for recruitment


We streamline the best candidates from our engineering community to the final interview rounds, saving you the time you would invest in sourcing the talent. We then help you choose those talents you’d like to see on your team. We can also put the team together for you, or find a well-formed team on your own.

Icon for team onboarding


A professional introduction will take place online or in-person to ensure a smooth kick off of your project. Initial knowledge transfer is the first onboarding step. Once the team gets acquainted with the scope of tasks and deadlines, you can start managing your team. The development process begins.

Icon for team empowerment

Empowering your team

You can scale up or down efficiently. When the project is on the finish line, the number of developers can be decreased. If you wish to broaden the scope of your project, we provide continuous support to help you fill additional roles. Based on our experience, we can also advise what kind of aspects of work you could strengthen and develop further.

Supporting your aspiration for digital transformation

See how we work arrow

Engagement models

Our expertise and vast experience in software development allows flexibility in matching your needs. Choose professional backend, frontend and full-stack developers for your team.

Illustration for Staff Augmentation model
Icon for Fixed price model


If you know the exact scope, have a defined timeframe for project delivery, a fixed-price model is a more cost-effective option.

Icon for Time and Material model

Time & Material

If you are looking for a better product-market fit, but you do not have a detailed vision of a project, and wish for more control over your project, choose T&M.

Icon for custom engagement model

Your model

If none of the models suit your needs and requirements, we can work together to create a custom model that will meet your needs and bring the results you desire.

Book a non-binding consultation so we can understand the finer details of your project

Whether it’s a consultant or a software development team you’re after, nQode can help.


Industry expertise


We specialize in different niche technologies and platforms. Our teams are qualified for highly demanding and complex projects across different domains

Icon for industry - enterprise


Enterprise Software

Customer relationships management (CRM)

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Supply chain management (SCM)

Icon for industry - fintech


Electronic trading platforms

Financial Planning & Management


Digital payments & cryptocurrency

Icon for industry - healthcare


EHR, EMR/EPR & Patient Portals

Management software


Wearable devices & IoT

We also have clients in these domains because our expertise and vast experience allows flexibility in matching your needs.

Education & eLearning

Music & Entertainment

Travel & hospitality


Communication & People Operations

Internet of Things

Automotive, transport & logistics

Legacy systems


When should you choose nearshore development?

Explore which outstaffing model can help you to onboard skilled talents and get the project done with minimum investments.

Geographical proximity Closer timezones lead to better and more real time communication Farther locations make it difficult to schedule meetings and access
Speed to market Easier communication and cooperation increase productivity Limited communication can slow down the process and delivery
Overall costs Hidden costs are reduced due to location and effective communication Hidden costs due to distance can add up to 30% into the final cost
Cultural fit High: Language and cultural fit are easier to navigate Low: Language and culture barriers
Travel costs Low High
Communication Daily and direct, real-time, consistent communication Challenging due to the time zone and geographic differences

Work with a nearshore development company if..

Photo of a developer working in an office
Icon for hiring nearshore team

You need to develop a new department or grow an existing one

Icon for the reason one needs nearshoring

You have clear-set goals, expect consistent quality and don’t compromise

Icon for searching nearshore talent

You are searching for highly qualified experts and want your team available in real-time

Icon for searching to scale internal team

It is challenging to hire in-house successfully due to a need for internal recruitment skills and experience

Icon for recruiting nearshore teams

If you lack of available resources locally or you would like to involve a team of developers ASAP

Icon for one of the nearshore benefits

You expect to save costs and you don’t want to waste time on hiring

Assemble a team of developers who are the best fit for your project

We take your strategy, turn it into an actionable blueprint and help you get it done.


Have questions about nearshoring?

arrowWhat are the alternatives to nearshore outsourcing?

The alternatives to nearshoring are offshoring and onshoring. Offshoring involves delegating tasks to a company far abroad. For example, when a US firm reaches out to a team that is based in Poland. Onshoring means delegating business tasks to a company located in the same country. Usually, these are lower-cost locations. For example, an organization in California would approach developers in Arkansas.

arrowHow much does nearshore development cost?

The cost of development always depends on several variables. The first one is the type of product. A custom-made product requires a lot of work, time, and therefore, money. Customization of a ready-made solution is cheaper, but redesigning low-quality software can take more time and effort than creating a well-built system from scratch. The second variable is the product requirements. The more complex the software and requirements, the higher the cost. The third variable is testing and quality assurance costs. Once the software is in place, it is essential to perform integrity checks and fix bugs. Testing is a vital step of the software development process and should be performed at all stages, from design to deployment, to deliver a secure, high-quality, and cost-effective product.

arrowWhat is an example of nearshoring?

Let’s imagine the following scenario: a company based in Germany decides to nearshore some of its IT operations to Serbia. Here’s how the scenario could unfold:

Company XYZ in Germany begins the nearshoring process by clearly defining their requirements, such as the specific programming languages, frameworks, and expertise needed for their software projects. Their team communicates their project goals, timelines, and quality standards to the nearshoring service provider.

The nearshoring service provider in Serbia sources, screens, and recruits software developers who meet Company XYZ’s requirements. They evaluate candidates based on technical skills, experience, and English language proficiency to ensure effective communication with the German team.

Once the software developers are selected, they become part of Company XYZ’s nearshore team. They work remotely from the service provider’s office in Poland but collaborate closely with the internal team in Germany. Communication channels, project management tools, and regular video conferences are established to facilitate seamless collaboration. The nearshore team in Serbia is integrated into Company XYZ’s software development processes, following the same development methodologies and quality assurance standards as the internal team in Germany. They contribute to ongoing projects, participate in team meetings, and adhere to project timelines. Throughout the nearshore engagement, Company XYZ maintains control over the project management, task assignments, and overall strategy. They provide guidance, supervision, and feedback to the nearshore team members, ensuring alignment with project goals.

What are the benefits for the company in Germany?

  1. Cost savings: Nearshoring to Serbia offers cost advantages compared to hiring an internal team in Germany. 
  2. Access to skilled talent: Serbia has a reputation for producing highly skilled IT professionals. Nearshoring allows Company XYZ to tap into the talent pool of skilled software developers, benefiting from their expertise and contributing to the success of their software projects.
  3. Cultural affinity and proximity: Germany and Serbia share geographic proximity and cultural similarities, making collaboration and communication easier compared to offshoring to more distant locations. Similar time zones and cultural understanding help foster effective teamwork and reduce potential communication barriers.

arrowAdvantages and disadvantages of nearshoring

The advantages and disadvantages of nearshoring can vary based on the specific countries involved, the nature of the business, and the goals of the company. It is crucial for organizations to thoroughly evaluate their unique needs, consider potential risks, and select the most suitable nearshore destination and service provider based on their specific requirements and objectives.

Advantages of nearshoring

  1. Proximity and time zone compatibility: Nearshoring involves outsourcing business processes or operations to a neighboring or nearby country. This geographic proximity often results in shorter travel distances and compatible time zones, facilitating easier communication, collaboration, and coordination between the nearshore and onshore teams.
  1. Cultural affinity and language skills: Nearshore destinations often share cultural similarities and may have a workforce proficient in the same or similar languages as the onshore team. This cultural and linguistic alignment can lead to smoother collaboration, better understanding, and reduced language barriers compared to offshoring to more distant locations.
  2. Cost savings: Nearshoring can offer cost advantages compared to onshore operations. Companies can achieve cost savings while still having access to a skilled talent pool, contributing to improved profitability.
  3. Access to skilled talent: Nearshore locations often have a well-educated workforce with strong technical skills. Companies can tap into this talent pool and gain access to a broader range of skilled professionals with specialized expertise. Nearshoring can help address skill shortages and enhance the capability of the existing team.
  4. Reduced risk and business continuity: Nearshoring reduces certain risks associated with offshoring, such as political instability, language barriers, and legal complexities. The close geographic proximity enhances business continuity, as travel disruptions or natural disasters are less likely to significantly impact operations.

Disadvantages of nearshoring

  1. Cost differences: While nearshoring can provide cost savings compared to onshore operations, the cost differential may not be as significant as offshoring to more distant countries. Nearshore destinations may still have higher labor costs than offshore locations, which could limit potential cost savings.
  1. Competition for talent: Popular nearshore locations may experience increased competition for skilled professionals. The demand for talent in the nearshore market could lead to higher wage expectations and talent scarcity, potentially impacting recruitment timelines and overall costs.
  1. Cultural and communication challenges: Despite cultural affinity, there can still be differences in work practices, business etiquette, and communication styles between the nearshore and onshore teams. These cultural nuances may require attention and effort to ensure effective collaboration and understanding.
  1. Intellectual property protection: Nearshoring involves sharing sensitive business information and intellectual property with a third-party provider in another country. Companies must carefully consider legal and contractual measures to protect their intellectual property rights and maintain data security and confidentiality.
  1. Limited time zone coverage: While nearshore locations often offer compatible or similar time zones, there may still be time differences that could affect real-time collaboration and responsiveness, particularly for urgent or time-sensitive projects.


arrowHow can you assess and select potential nearshoring partners?

Assessing and selecting potential nearshoring partners requires careful evaluation and consideration of various factors. Here are some steps you can follow to assess: 

  1. Define requirements: Clearly define your nearshoring requirements, including the scope of work, project goals, required skill sets, expertise, and any specific industry or technology knowledge. Understanding your needs will help you assess potential partners more effectively.
  1. Research nearshore destinations: Identify nearshore destinations that align with your requirements. Consider factors such as geographical proximity, cultural compatibility, language proficiency, business environment, political stability, labor costs, and availability of skilled talent in those locations.
  1. Evaluate reputation and experience: Research and evaluate the reputation and experience of potential nearshoring partners. Look for their client testimonials, case studies, and industry recognition. Assess their experience in your specific industry or domain and their ability to handle similar projects.
  1. Technical expertise and skills: Assess the technical expertise and skills of the nearshoring partner. Evaluate their team’s qualifications, certifications, and relevant experience. Request information about their recruitment and selection processes, ensuring they have a pool of skilled professionals who meet your requirements.
  1. Communication and cultural fit: Assess the nearshoring partner’s language proficiency, communication channels, and availability of resources for seamless collaboration. Consider cultural compatibility, as it can significantly impact teamwork and understanding.
  1. Quality assurance and processes: Inquire about the nearshoring partner’s quality assurance processes, methodologies, and project management practices. Assess their ability to meet deadlines, deliver high-quality results, and adhere to industry standards. 
  1. Security and data protection: Data security and protection are critical when sharing sensitive information with a nearshoring partner. Evaluate their security measures, data handling practices, compliance with relevant regulations (e.g., GDPR), and willingness to sign appropriate non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements.
  1. Financial stability and scalability: Consider the financial stability of the nearshoring partner. Assess their capacity to handle your project, scalability to accommodate future growth or changing needs, and ability to allocate resources effectively. 
  1. Site visits: Whenever possible, consider visiting potential nearshoring partners’ facilities to assess their infrastructure, working environment, and team dynamics. Conduct site visits to gain firsthand insights into their operations, meet key personnel, and evaluate their capabilities.
  1. Request proposals and conduct interviews: Request detailed proposals from shortlisted nearshoring partners, outlining their approach, team composition, project plan, and pricing structure. Conduct interviews or virtual meetings to assess their communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and cultural fit.
  1. Client references: Request client references from the nearshoring partners and speak to their existing or past clients. This will help you gain insights into their performance, responsiveness, and overall satisfaction with the partnership.
  1. Contract and legal considerations: Address important aspects such as intellectual property rights, confidentiality, termination clauses, liability, and dispute resolution mechanisms. Consider involving legal counsel to ensure the contract meets your needs and protects your interests.

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