Empowering Access to Fresh Produce: Building a Mobile App for Source.ag

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Source.ag is an Amsterdam-based agtech startup that is revolutionizing access to fresh produce using cutting-edge AI-powered greenhouses. By enabling efficient operations for growers through pioneering technology, Source.ag makes greenhouse agriculture globally scalable, profitable, and accessible, thereby addressing the pressing need to provide nutritious food while conserving resources.

How Source.ag is revolutionizing the industry

With a team of skilled engineers and plant scientists, they have collaborated with growers to develop the industry’s most advanced artificial intelligence. Their proprietary algorithms simulate plant behavior, leveraging millions of data points on climate, biology, and resources to define and implement optimal cultivation strategies. 

By providing growers with an intuitive tool to harness the power of artificial intelligence, Source.ag further enables them to operate their facilities more efficiently, increase yields, and reduce environmental impact.

  • Enhanced efficiency

The solution enables growers to operate their glasshouses more efficiently, streamlining operations and reducing manual intervention.

  • Cost savings

The optimization provided by the solution led to significant cost savings in terms of resources, energy, and labor, making glasshouse agriculture more profitable.

  • Scalability

Source is a scalable solution that extends its reach to more growers globally, furthering their mission to provide nutritious food to a larger population.

The scalable and accessible nature of the mobile app unlocked new opportunities for growers worldwide, aligning with Source.ag’s mission to deliver nutritious food while preserving precious resources.

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Building a robust mobile solution

Mobile devices have become an integral part of business interactions, providing convenience and efficiency. Recognizing this, Source.ag aimed to provide a seamless mobile experience that would enable users to access sourcing services anytime, anywhere.

Mobile apps have become the primary touchpoint for businesses, empowering them to connect with customers in a personalized and convenient manner. By focusing on user needs, we can shape transformative experiences that drive success.


The client’s team sought to harness the power of mobile technology to enhance user experience, and maintain a competitive edge in the market. They chose our expertise in mobile app development due to our technical prowess, experience and effective communication.

Our team worked closely with the client’s team to understand their requirements, target audience, and existing sourcing processes. To prepare for this undertaking, we conducted thorough research on the market landscape, industry trends, and user and client expectations, ensuring a solid foundation for the project.

By immersing ourselves in the client’s business domain, we gained valuable insights into their unique challenges and opportunities. This discovery phase allowed us to align our efforts and tailor the solution to client’s specific needs.

The best approach to developing the mobile app for Source.ag

The journey of collaboration and cooperation began with a shared vision for the project. The project preparation phase involved extensive collaboration and information gathering.

To develop the mobile app for Source.ag, we pursued a user-centric approach. Our team conducted in-depth analysis and research to provide an intuitive and efficient user interface. We employed prototyping and user testing techniques to refine the app’s usability, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience for users. Through these efforts, we created a solution that aligned with the client’s goals.

Source.ag app development journey

Our team executed a wide range of tasks to bring the mobile app to life.

Technological foundation

To develop the mobile app, our team leveraged a range of cutting-edge technologies to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience:

  • Cross-platform development

We ensured seamless app performance and consistent user experience across iOS platforms utilizing React Native and Realm databases. 

  • Real-time data integration/API integration

Integrating the app with Source’s existing systems, including backend databases and APIs, to enable real-time data synchronization and efficient information exchange. The app utilized APIs and cloud-based solutions to integrate real-time data from glasshouse sensors, enabling accurate monitoring and control.

  • Cloud infrastructure

Leveraging AWS cloud-based services for secure data storage, scalability, and seamless deployment.

The development of the mobile app for Source.ag underscored the importance of leveraging mobile technology to optimize operations. The features and functionalities of the web solution that streamline processes are further enhanced by the mobile solution.

Source.ag desktop and mobile webiste screenshot

The mobile app provided the client with a competitive edge, allowing them to stay responsive to evolving market dynamics.

Cultivating a sustainable future - together

With technology as an enabler, Source.ag is poised to shape the future of agriculture, contributing to a sustainable and food-secure world. By choosing our expertise and collaborating closely throughout the project, Source successfully transformed their landscape.





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