Java SDK for Security-Sensitive Products

The project focused on the development of a specialized and security-sensitive Java Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK’s primary purpose was to expose APIs for various functions while securely communicating with the client’s existing server using REST API.

This SDK served as a critical component within the client’s system, handling the communication aspect and implementing different cryptography principles to ensure data security. 


The client placed great significance on the platform and project, prioritizing the preservation of data security and privacy.

As the system dealt with sensitive information, secure communication was vital to safeguard against potential threats. The SDK aimed to provide a seamless and reliable way to interact with the client’s server while ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

Our team conducted extensive research and analysis, thoroughly examining the client’s current system architecture, encompassing server infrastructure, REST API endpoints, and security protocols. Additionally, we delved into cryptography principles and best practices to identify appropriate methodologies for ensuring secure communication. This comprehensive discovery phase allowed us to grasp the project’s requirements and challenges in depth.


By leveraging Java, our team developed an SDK that seamlessly integrated with the client’s system and exposed a set of secure APIs for communication. The SDK incorporated industry-standard encryption algorithms and cryptographic protocols to protect sensitive data during transmission.

The Java SDK implementation provided the client with a secure and reliable communication layer, fortifying their system against potential threats while enabling seamless integration with their existing infrastructure.


Our team first focused on designing and developing the SDK architecture, incorporating secure communication protocols, encryption algorithms, and data validation mechanisms. Furthermore, we conducted meticulous testing and debugging processes to ensure the SDK’s reliability and seamless compatibility with the client’s system.

Java SDK for Secure Communication

Throughout the project, we performed multiple tasks to guarantee the effective implementation of the Java SDK.

  • Secure Communication

The SDK utilized HTTPS and TLS protocols to establish secure connections between the client’s system and server. The part of the SDK that was talking to the client’s server REST API was implemented using Java HTTP Client that was introduced in the Java version 11.

  • Encryption

It employed advanced encryption algorithms, such as AES, to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access. The Bouncy Castle library was utilized for managing encryption-related operations, while the official Signal Protocol Java library was employed for implementing Signal Protocol functionalities.

  • Data Validation

The SDK included mechanisms for validating data to prevent security vulnerabilities, such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting.

  • Authentication

The SDK implemented secure authentication mechanisms, such as token-based authentication, to ensure only authorized entities could access the client’s system.

  • Error Handling

Comprehensive error handling and logging mechanisms were integrated to assist in troubleshooting and monitoring.  The test pyramid model was fully incorporated and test coverage was well over 90%.


  • Java: The core language used to develop the SDK, taking advantage of its flexibility, reliability, and extensive libraries.
  • REST API: The client’s existing server utilized RESTful architecture for communication.
  • Cryptography Principles: Various encryption algorithms and cryptographic protocols, such as AES and TLS, were implemented to ensure secure communication.


The project yielded remarkable results for the client. The implemented Java SDK provided a robust and secure communication layer that seamlessly integrated with their existing system. It significantly enhanced the client’s data security and reduced the risk of data breaches or unauthorized access.

The SDK’s features provided the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information throughout the communication process.

Secure data with Java SDK

The Java SDK not only met the client’s needs for secure communication and data protection but also exceeded their expectations in terms of performance and reliability. The project highlighted the team’s profound knowledge in Java development, cryptography, secure communication protocols, and their ability to deliver innovative solutions within tight deadlines.


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