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Eliminate time wasted on headhunting. Accelerate the development process with our dedicated development team. Save time and reduce costs. We will care about the people while you focus on achieving your business goals.


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What is a dedicated team?

Every business needs a trustworthy software partner. But dedicated teams are a much broader partnership. When you partner with a software company, you do not only access talent with multiple skills, but you can build YOUR team that covers all of the project’s stages.

Dedicated teams provide a wide variety of services, from business analysis, development and UI/UX design to QA, project management and maintenance.

Benefits of dedicated development teams

Accelerate product launches by leveraging an experienced dedicated team and gaining full access to a talent pool specialized in your business niche.


Forget recruitment fees

Putting together a highly skilled team is a timely and costly process. We can help you to minimize costs by assembling IT specialists in a team for you. You do not have to worry about unpredictable expenses on selecting and vetting.


Scale up your engineering

Our developers’ knowledge and skills accumulated in the diverse software projects are shared with your in-house team. We pass on our company’s best practices on all the project artifacts to deliver quality at a speed that matches your investment.


Speed up the process

Dedicated teams have a more hands-on, focused approach. You not only benefit from developers’ technical skills and knowledge but also leverage the team’s management skills, and vast business development experience.


Focus on the key activities

Hiring a dedicated development team helps you achieve your long-term strategic goals faster. As the team handles the entire project, you can focus your time and energy on other important aspects of your business.

Why hire dedicated developers

Dedicated developers can start working on your project immediately, saving time on recruitment and onboarding processes.

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Quick and easy ramp-up

We quickly assemble the team because we share mutual understanding of how to secure project stability and continuity due to the successful cooperation on similar engagements. Scale your team based on your demands

The FACT Senior roles take approximately 35% longer to fill and the traditional recruitment process can last from several months to a year (McKinsey).

Zero recruitment costs

Zero time and money investment. We handle the HR operations, recruit best experts, and put together a professional team. No requirements for infrastructural setup. We already have robust hardware and cutting-edge development software

The FACT 15% of Human Resources expenses are allocated towards recruitment efforts, which includes job posting, advertisement, video interviews or a tracking system.

Industry expertise

Our IT professionals have a wide range of skills across various platforms and technologies. Having worked with startups, SMBs and enterprises, we do not only excel in software development, but also provide industry-specific knowledge.

The FACT A bad hire can cost a company around 30% of that employee’s annual salary (Northwestern)

Our engineers are ready to start immediately


How we form a dedicated development team

We have a proven 4-step method to help you hire a dedicated development team that can deliver a tailored solution and provide all required support.

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Defining your needs and gathering requirements

We hold a series of meetings and discovery sessions to clarify the project’s details. Our aim is to gain comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the project goals and your business needs for the project. When we identify the technological challenges you wish to overcome, the team requirements, and different organizational aspects, we create a dedicated team strategy.

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Assembling the best team

We assemble a team of talents based on your requirements. In this phase, our aim is to help you to get started as soon as possible, so we quickly organize interview meetings to have our team ready, usually within one week.

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Onboarding and development

Initial knowledge transfer helps the team study the project requirements, and create a clear actionable plan. In this phase, after the team gets acquainted with the scope and deadlines, the development process begins.

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Scaling up or down

You can scale your dedicated team up or down efficiently. When the project is on the finish line, the number of developers can be decreased. If you wish to broaden the scope of your project, we provide continuous support to help you fill additional roles.

We can start delivering technology solutions and value immediately

Expand your project capabilities by hiring a full-stack dedicated team with extensive industry experience to handle the end-to-end project.


Our dedicated developers’ skillset

We know that the success of any dedicated development team relies on expertise, skills, and mindset.

Front-end Back-end Mobile DevOps Database Management Software Quality Assurance Cloud Service Providers

Front-end shapes

Material UI
Custom Styling

Back-end shapes


Mobile shapes

Languages & Frameworks

DevOps shapes

CI/CD Automation

Database Management shapes

Relational DBMS

Software Quality Assurance shapes

Languages & Frameworks
Automation Architecture and Testing
Manual Testing

Cloud Service Providers shapes


Industry expertise


We specialize in different niche technologies and platforms. Our teams are qualified for highly demanding and complex projects across different domains.

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Enterprise solutions

Customer relationships management (CRM)

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Supply chain management (SCM)

Icon for industry - fintech


Electronic trading platforms

Financial Planning & Management


Digital payments & cryptocurrency

Icon for industry - healthcare


EHR, EMR/EPR & Patient Portals

Management software


Wearable devices & IoT

We also have clients in these domains because our expertise and vast experience allows flexibility in matching your needs.

Education & eLearning

Music & Entertainment

Travel & hospitality


Communication & People Operations

Internet of Things

Automotive, transport & logistics

Legacy systems


Dedicated developers for back-end and front-end teams

Our expertise and vast experience in software development allows flexibility in matching your needs. Choose professional back-end, front-end and full-stack developers for your dedicated team.

Dedicated developers for front-end development

Innovative and robust front-end development services to build the latest applications with technologies such as Angular.JS, React.JS, Vue.JS and Knockout.JS. Our developers can quickly bring the look and feel of your solution to life. 

Dedicated developers for back-end development

Backend is the functional core of any software. Whatever your requirements, our experienced back-end team will provide you with a customized solution for various web, cloud-based and mobile apps across multiple domains, implementing the best practices to build scalable and secure backends.

Dedicated developers for full-stack development

Hire a team of full stack developers to get your project going from start to finish – fast and with no friction. We assist you at every stage of your software development to drive tangible business results.

Our engagement models

We believe in a tailored approach when building partnerships, and that includes pricing. Choose from several engagement models to better allocate resources.

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For precise project scopes and defined delivery timeframes, a fixed-price model offers a highly cost-effective solution.

Icon for Time and Material model

Time & Material

If you seek a better product-market fit and lack a detailed project vision, opting for a Time and Materials model grants you greater control over your project.

Icon for custom engagement model

Your model

If none of the existing models align with your specific needs, we can work together to create a custom model that will bring the results you desire.

Looking to hire dedicated developers?

Attract experts solely focused on your product and business objectives to deliver tangible business results.


Have questions about the dedicated development team model?

arrowWhat is a dedicated development team model?

Dedicated Team is a business model that refers to an agreement between the client and service provider, a software development company. The company provides software development professionals, according to the demands of the client for their experience and skill sets, to the client on a long term basis. The team can be managed from the client side, or the client can assign the service provider’s project manager to coordinate the communication process.

arrowWhat is a dedicated team structure?

​​Dedicated team structures are quite flexible, which depends on the requirements and needs. You could have part of your overall project team’s engineers needs fulfilled by the Project Manager or a dedicated team. The engineering team would mainly be supplied by the software development company. Usually, the Product Owner is someone from the client side, while the Scrum Master could be on either side.

arrowWhen should I hire a dedicated team?

Dedicated developers are best suitable when the scope of the project could not be strictly defined and requirements can be changed during the development process. The main purpose of this model is to hire a team that will compensate for the lack of necessary expertise and will seamlessly work as part of your internal team.

arrowWhat is the cost of hiring a dedicated team?

While the dedicated team model has a very simple and transparent pricing system, the price depends on the team size. The payment is composed of members’ salaries + service provider’s fee, which includes administrative overheads.

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Do you need a different staffing model?

If you need to fill the skills gap to meet all deadlines or require a team to quickly solve specialized tasks, quickly find IT professionals with required competence and experience.

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