Custom software development

Achieve desired business proficiency with custom software development. Supporting you through all stages of development, from shaping the idea to a custom product.

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Custom software development for enterprise

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Custom software development

Work with technologically savvy professionals who are fully invested in creating impactful custom-built software. Our teams will support you from early ideation and solution discovery through quality control and ongoing delivery of new features. Turn technological solutions into growth enablers with end-to-end custom software development.

Enterprise application development

Improve key facets of your organization by building scalable enterprise solutions. We specialize in building dynamic, innovative applications by re-engineering solutions of different complexity levels. Whether it’s inventory and construction management, or accounting, HR, and community solutions, you can stay ahead of the curve with innovative solutions.

New product development

From market and business analysis to development, deployment, and post-launch maintenance, we can support your business infrastructure and the entire life cycle of new product development. Our approach is transparent and customer-focused, with the goal of helping your business avoid scope creep and budget overruns.

Web applications development

Empower your business with scalable, feature-rich web applications. We will help you create client-server, utility, or any other standalone software product of any complexity, which can be white-labeled or used internally. Our domain expertise spans from banking apps, SCADA systems and logistics apps to risk management, high-end embedded software, and much more.

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Custom software for startups

Are you at the idea stage and wish to build a custom product? We have you covered on all fronts.

MVP development

Transform bright ideas into tangible business outcomes with a full-scale development of an MVP. Our strong technical background and domain expertise, ensure the most efficient frameworks and quality standards. From consulting to continuous post-deployment maintenance, we can build your custom solution with minimal investments and time commitments.

PoC development

Create a clear product vision. Our team works with you to assess your idea, and define product scope and vision, choose the perfect architecture and develop a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) to validate the technical feasibility of your solution. Our teams are highly efficient in specifying software benefits and drawbacks by testing its key features.

SaaS Development

Transform your enterprise business with a robust SaaS platform. Our software engineers work with you to build powerful and secure multi-tenant SaaS solutions that feature advanced CRM, ERP, BPM, BI, and other functions. Effectively launch a software that can be scaled on-demand and seamlessly integrated with a broad spectrum of third-party tools.

API development

Drive better revenues by seamlessly integrating your custom software with corporate and third-party systems and services. Our teams have created APIs for use on mobile, computer, console, and web apps. When it comes to communication, content, business logic, data exchange, and microservices, we implement both internal and external solutions.

Turn an idea into a marketable product


Modernize your software product

Do you need to refactor your code? Consult with a software engineer expert. Our teams are committed to working with you until we achieve the best possible outcome.

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Software modernization

Innovate your business to stay relevant and optimize the maintenance cost. Do not struggle with obsolete technologies – take your older software to the next level by improving the usability and integration capabilities with cutting-edge technologies. We refactor your code to be more dynamic, and reengineer your solutions to stay efficient.

IT consulting

Get the best value from your software development – we are here to answer all your questions about software development. We analyze your business and market needs, assist you in selecting the right technology, review pros and cons of the product and development methodologies, conceptualize software, and provide post-launch maintenance and support plans.

Technical assessment

Our teams perform an in-depth analysis of the business requirements, functionality, code, and architecture to identify areas of improvement and ways of implementation. We apply functional and non-functional testing across all stages of the development lifecycle to ensure flawless usability, and robust security. Our aim is to help you improve the performance and usability of your custom software.

Software integration services

Achieve enhanced interoperability and automation with seamless software integrations across hybrid environments. Focus on your strategic goals, while we cover all ITSM processes, deal with third parties, and handle all your implementation and software integration challenges. We use the industry-best techniques to align distributed systems, processes, and data flows into a cohesive IT landscape.

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Benefits of developing a custom product

What are the advantages of a custom software solution versus an “off-the-shelf”?

You get full ownership

You own 100% of your software. Have all the control.

You get full flexibility

Grow and scale your product with your business, not the other way around

You build competitive advantages

Custom software is a valuable IP asset that boosts company’s performance, unlike “off-the-shelf” software.


Values our team bring to your business

Create a unique competitive advantage with tailor-made software products that are designed to meet the specific needs and goals of your business.

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Quick development

By optimizing all processes and following the best agile practices, we significantly reduce the development time.

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Premium products

We continually test the efficiency of the product and make product iterations until the product aligns with what you had desired

Icon for robust security of a custom product

Robust security

We utilize a secure development lifecycle approach to ensure ultimate software safety and full compliance with GDPR, and other regulations.

Icon for technical excellence

Technical excellence

From system architecture to frontend and backend development and post-delivery maintenance, we cover the complete range of technologies and programming languages.

Icon for complete transparency

Complete transparency

We provide expert advice and superior solutions because our teams are well-versed in a wide range of technologies and platforms.

Icon for value - process accountability

Process accountability

We provide a clear view of every technological decision, backed up by a constant feedback loop, clear communication plans, and regular reports.



Our software engineers are abreast with all the latest technologies and well versed with the proven classic technologies.

Front-end Back-end Mobile DevOps Database Management Software Quality Assurance Cloud Service Providers

Front-end shapes

Material UI
Custom Styling

Back-end shapes


Mobile shapes

Languages & Frameworks

DevOps shapes

CI/CD Automation

Database Management shapes

Relational DBMS

Software Quality Assurance shapes

Languages & Frameworks
Automation Architecture and Testing
Manual Testing

Cloud Service Providers shapes


Get superior software due to the advanced functionality a custom solution provides.

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Industry expertise


We specialize in different niche technologies and platforms. Our teams are qualified for highly demanding and complex projects across different domains

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Enterprise solutions

Customer relationships management (CRM)

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Supply chain management (SCM)

Icon for industry - fintech


Electronic trading platforms

Financial Planning & Management


Digital payments & cryptocurrency

Icon for industry - healthcare


EHR, EMR/EPR & Patient Portals

Management software


Wearable devices & IoT

We also have clients in these domains because our expertise and vast experience allows flexibility in matching your needs.

Education & eLearning

Music & Entertainment

Travel & hospitality


Communication & People Operations

Internet of Things

Automotive, transport & logistics

Legacy systems


We follow result-oriented development process

Following the best practices, we provide full cycle development service in a structured and systematic way – transparent, documented, and continuous – in order to provide you with quality information and enable effective decision-making.

Icon for development process - kick off stage

Kick-off Stage

We lay the foundation for the entire project.

Icon for development process - development phase

Development Stage

We start development based on the project requirements and perform testing, request your feedback, and deploy your solution.

Icon for development process - support phase

Support Stage

We perform continuous monitoring and provide support after your product is released

Icon for next steps in development process

Next Steps

We define a type of cooperation to continue to support your business

How we work

Our approach is simple and transparent – there are no magical solutions that apply universally. We have an unwavering passion for continual growth, and we are always ready to ask tough questions. Our team consists of high-performing software developers, managers, architects, designers, and DevOps engineers who are fully engaged in the development process in order to provide the best solution.

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Have questions about custom software development?

arrowWhat is custom software development?

Custom software development is a process of designing, developing, and maintaining software as per the specific needs of a business.

arrowWhat are the advantages of custom software development?

Custom software development plays a major role in taking your business to the next level. Some of the key advantages of opting for a custom software development solution include:

  • It is tailored to the specific needs of your business
  • It is a smart long-term investment for your business
  • It is scalable and evolves as your business grows
  • You get constant support of a technical team that was involved in the development of your software

arrowHow much does it cost to build a custom software?

Software development costs vary depending on various factors such as type and size of software project and the size of the development team. However, on an average, to build the first iteration of the product (an engineering prototype or an MVP) may vary from €20,000 to €200,000.

arrowHow long does it take to build a custom software?

A custom software development project time may vary depending on the complexity of the software and the structure of your project. An MVP software solution can be developed in 6 to 8 sprints, following the Scrum methodology, but it can also take longer, depending on the complexity of the features or integrations, and the choice of tech stack. The requirements gathering and discovery phase usually last from 1 to 3 weeks.

arrowWhat type of custom software development services do you deliver?

As one of the fastest growing custom software development firms, we offer a full suite of software development services, including:

  • Software consulting services
  • Enterprise software development services
  • Product development services
  • Software integration services
  • Custom development services
  • API development services

arrowWhat is the difference between custom software solutions and off-the-shelf solutions?

While an off-the-shelf solution may solve similar problems or serve similar purposes to a custom solution, a custom software is usually designed to meet specific business needs that off-the-shelf solutions do not address.

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