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CTO as a Service to support your business operations

Benefit from a comprehensive turnkey solution where we manage the project on your behalf, or an advisory role where we provide technical guidance as needed.

Part-time CTO services

Access the expertise of a CTO for an agreed-upon number of hours that allows you to focus on the services you require. We offer part-time CTO services for businesses that require the expertise of a CTO but aren’t yet prepared to hire a full-time employee.

Project CTO as a Service

Troubleshoot technical areas or perform an audit on pre-agreed project outcomes. Our Project CTO service involves hiring a CTO to oversee a specific project’s technical aspects, and manage a team of specialists.

Interim CTO services

Quickly find an Interim CTO to assist your team in driving digital transformation. If your full-time CTO would benefit from expertise in a specific technology to speed up time to market or further develop a project, the interim CTO temporarily collaborates with an internal CTO on different technical and business responsibilities.

One-time CTO as a Service

Does your business need expert advice? Get an external perspective on your current systems that can help you derive significant benefits. Our team of highly skilled IT professionals can fill the gaps in your specialist knowledge, guiding you in the right direction. We can support you, as and when you need it.

What are the benefits of a CTO as a Service?

CTO identifies where value for the company stands

The CTO clearly understands the many technical challenges that businesses face. He/she manages all technical and business responsibilities, and coordinates research and development so that companies can meet their tech requirements.

CTO sees the strong and weak sides of the project

A CTO is a strategist. His/hers role is to identify how the organization can use technology and bring a tech perspective to the company’s strategic planning. The willingness to challenge what exists, results in the product that fully satisfies the end customer’s needs.

CTO supervises technical employees

As a person who is responsible for the management of the technical team, the CTO has a mastery of engineering combined with a business-centric mindset. Specific domain expertise gives the CTO skills to effectively communicate and collaborate with the team

CTO has a business-oriented mind

The main orientation points for a CTO are technology, external customers and industry market trends, and product engineering. On-demand CTO as a Service can help you find an optimal balance between skills and rates, leveraging a multi-disciplinary technical team.

Values our teams bring

Deploy our technology leadership in your business, quickly and flexibly.

Save time and money

With our CTO as a Service you are paying a much lower hour rate and only for the technical leadership effort you need. You don’t incur additional expenses. No hiring cost. No time invested in recruiting. Only simple pay-as-you-go contracts.

Benefit from flexible technology leadership

We are as flexible as you are. Our service enables you to increase or reduce the time your CTO spends with you – when challenges arise or deadlines are close – you’ve got the strategic leadership you need.

Get as much help as you require

We offer a few different models of engagement so you can dynamically change the level of involvement anytime you need. You aren’t locked into retaining an expensive resource that you don’t need.

Match the right people to projects

Whether your startup needs a temporary or interim CTO, we will match you with the right person who can effectively assess your current applications and development processes. And we will do it quickly.

Onboard a CTO faster

We can typically start within a week. From architectural and technical decisions to assembling a development team, we will help you make solid strategic decisions right from the beginning.

Leverage our founders’ mentality

We are very familiar with all the startup challenges. From healthcare and fintech, to insurtech and travel and logistics  – we handpick a CTO with the relevant domain expertise to maximize your odds of success.

CTO as a Service for startups and enterprises

We provide flexible, on-demand access to experienced CTOs to support existing staff or work on an interim basis.

CTO as a Service for startups

Do you need someone to help you evaluate vendors or to create an engineering roadmap? Maybe to even help code your first software or an app? Get senior technology leadership support without waiting months to find the perfect candidate. No paying upfront fees to recruitment agencies. We will connect you with an expert who has a proven track record working with start-ups, delivering MVP solutions and helping businesses secure follow-on investment.

CTO as a Service for enterprises

Is your company growing fast? If your team is without a technical co-founder, you probably need technological support. We provide on-demand technical leadership to grow your business and can help you ensure smooth transitioning in the early stages. Spend your development money carefully and replace redundant practices with a more consistent and scalable process.

Dedicated CTO recruitment services

If your needs go beyond an interim CTO, we can help you find a full-time CTO who is the right match. The CTO who covers the entire product development process, from business analysis and planning, through guiding you on technical solutions and architecting to set standards for the technical team. Our business approach and our domain expertise enable us to make both valuable product and business contributions for our clients.

Does your project need CTO guidance?

Based on the product stage and engineering team structure, our team can help you create and execute a strategic plan and identify the exact resources necessary to put the plan into action and scale an existing business.

Illustration for Type of SaaS applications


  • IT requirements analysis and recommendation
  • 3rd party technologies recommendation for building the proposed system
  • Optimal in-house / outsourced team structure
  • Vendor selection and/or implementation
  • Migration and code refactoring
Illustration for Why you should build a SaaS


  • Technology strategy and architecture
  • Engineering
  • Growing and leading the team
  • Budgeting and optimisation
  • Advisory and coaching

Do you need a CTO support to help guide your IT department?

Our talented professionals have the experience and skills to immediately contribute to your organization’s productivity, innovation and growth.

Or book a 15-minute call to quickly hire a CTO. Book now.


Hire an experienced Chief Technology Officer

What CTO as a Service expertise do you need?

Strategy and architecture

Our skilled CTOs create a scalable tech strategy for long-term project objectives. From the product roadmap and architecture to the technology stack and team composition, we will consult you and use our collective experience to define the foundations in the right way.


When technology becomes a bottleneck from the scalability, security or further product evolution perspective, we can help to redesign, refactor and modernize the existing solution and get back on track. Our experts will analyze the opportunities and risks.

Cost optimisation

Technology expenses can quickly go high. Wrong decisions can easily result in project failure, significant delay or a blown budget. A severely competitive environment can make it even more difficult to turn your business vision into an efficient tech solution. Expert CTOs will get the budget under control.

Advisory, team and project management

We offer CTO advisory on the matters of architecture, strategy, organization and processes. We can help you with growing and leading the development team, aligning workflow with other departments and maximizing the team’s knowledge and industry expertise to achieve better results.

How we find the best CTO for your project

We have a proven 4-step method to help you find the right CTO


Defining your needs

We will send over an estimated timeline and statement of work to ensure we maintain our rigorous quality standards. Our aim is to help you to get started as soon as possible. We are usually ready to start within one week but we also want to ensure we are on the same page as far as scope of work is concerned.


Timeline and statement of work

We will send over an estimated timeline and statement of work to ensure we maintain our rigorous quality standards. Our aim is to help you to get started as soon as possible. We are usually ready to start within one week but we also want to ensure we are on the same page as far as scope of work is concerned.

Icon for team onboarding

Onboarding and engagement

The engagement will start with the initial knowledge transfer and basic things like defining ways of working and reporting. You will be able to track our deliverables and outcomes at any time. Our senior leadership team would be always there for you if you would like to adjust the initial scope of work.


Handover and retainer

All the documentation and intellectual property we have created during the engagement time will be provided. Any outstanding questions will be answered and all knowledge will be shared with your team. We want you to be able to succeed without relying on us heavily after the engagement is completed. We can continue to provide ad-hoc support for your team on a retainer basis if required.



Our software engineers are abreast with all the latest technologies and well versed with the proven classic technologies.

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Have questions about CTO as a Service?

arrowWhat is a CTO as a Service?

CTO as a service(CaaS) stands for the business advisory and technical implementation services provided by a Chief Technology Officer for a startup. A CTO is an executive that meets a startup’s technical needs and also coordinates its research and development. He or she assesses both the short and long-term requirements of your business and leverages investment to enable your startup to achieve its objective. The CTO reports to the Chief Information Officer (CIO), and in some cases, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or the founder. Companies that don’t have a CTO or lack the knowledge of how to hire one can outsource the advisory and responsibilities of a CTO to an external expert. While the concept of CTO as a service might still be new, it is fast gaining momentum.

arrowWhat are the types of CTO services?

CTO types depend on the functions and the collaboration you expect from a CTO. Complex and technical functions will require a full-time, in-house CTO while consulting and advisory services can necessitate hiring a part-time, external CTO.

arrowWhat is the CTO responsible for?

The CTO responsibilities vary from company to company as all the companies have varying goals. However, in a Scrum team, CTO has clearly defined responsibilities and goals:

  1. Validating business idea – In the initial, pre-seed stage, when startups are building the product prototype, the CTO often works with UX designers and gives the technical assistance throughout the process. CTO also works with the engineering team to ensure the most reliable development practices for developing the core product. The role of the CTO can also be to evaluate the effectiveness of the current tech stack, choose and select the most cost-efficient and effective tech stack, and plan integrations with external services
  2. Project planning – External CTO can help you with improving the development processes and project outputs by creating a development roadmap and prioritizing the features and estimating budgets and timelines. 
  3. Project audit – The external CTO will have an unbiased perspective about your business performance. He/she can assess code quality, verify team productivity, project quality and assessment of functionality, evaluate the effectiveness of the remote team, and recommend improvements. 
  4. Project scaling – An experienced CTO will help to enable better scaling by setting clear boundaries, help you with hiring dynamic software engineers who will enable you to move fast and help you nurture software development leaders within your organization. 
  5. Project pitch – The CTO can help with preparing a tech pitch deck, explaining the technical value of your idea or product to investors, providing answers to any technical questions asked by investors, proving that the team possesses technical capabilities and deep expertise. 

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