IT consulting

Ensure that your IT solutions are aligned with your business goals. Mitigate risks with skilled guidance and professional IT consultants.


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IT consulting services

Drive disruptive changes to your business model and processes. Integrate transformative digital technologies.

Technology consulting

Estimate the potential value your chosen technology can bring to your business, plan the roadmap for technology adoption, and implement the required software and technologies to achieve your business goals. We specialize in working with cloud computing, cybersecurity, machine learning, big data, blockchain, IoT, and multi-component ERP.

Digital transformation

Improve your business efficiency by prioritizing your digital transformation initiatives. Optimize production, prevent maintenance issues, ensure quality control, and enhance operational efficiency. Our team can help you analyze application and IT infrastructure complexity, application integrations, databases, and data warehouses, as well as development infrastructure.

IT strategy consulting

Align your IT assets with current and anticipated business goals and evaluate the effectiveness of your IT governance and assess your current IT environment. We can help you develop a high-level IT strategy that caters to the needs of the business. Plan strategic initiatives such as software development, modernization, migration, and re-architecting activities.

Application implementation

Our services enable you to plan and implement business software with the best value and cost of ownership. We can help you decide between a platform-based or custom software solution, taking into account factors such as the budget, number of users, and existing software ecosystem.

IT budgeting

We assist in creating an IT budget that is practical and considers your existing assets and resources, as well as the estimated expenses of new technology that can provide the most significant benefits to your organization and assist you in achieving your business objectives.

Support and maintenance

Keeping your product efficient, and compliant with all your evolving business needs. Our development team covers all tasks to improve your web-based project, from monitoring and troubleshooting to evolving with new features. We help you stay competitive on the market.

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Advantages of our IT consulting services

Competitive advantage

Get a solid understanding of your current ITSM state and receive recommendations on how processes can be improved and how future needs can be addressed and accommodated.

Reduced operational costs

We have the resources and technology needed to help your organization execute projects successfully and guarantee a high return on your technology spending.

Quick improvements

We can re-architect and overhaul complete systems or provide a plan for small problem areas to keep things running smoothly – each with equal expertise and commitment.

Business optimization

Keep your business well-functioning. Our goal is to provide you with a software solution that meets your business requirements and offers the best value and cost of ownership.

Values our teams bring to your business

Count on our professional development and IT consulting while you concentrate on your business growth.

We have a business mindset

Software development expertise in building solutions that meet market needs, and encourage business growth and expansion.

We offer 360-degree services

Our engineers will work with you to plan modernization and from-scratch development of new competitive software products.

We are a forward-looking company

We adapt and innovate to fulfill current and future business requirements, whether through creating new processes or enhancing existing ones. 

We ensure quality delivery

We deploy a human-centric approach combined with a sharp technological push for developing web apps and solutions.

We are highly skilled

We provide expert advice and superior solutions because our teams are well-versed in a wide range of technologies and platforms.

We love what we do

Passion drives excellence. Our unwavering dedication fuels the quality of our work.

IT consulting expertise

Get a clear understanding of the recommended time frame, sequence, and estimated cost of the improvements.

Application modernization

We help you increase the business value of your existing apps and products. Our IT consultants offer expertise in IT strategy, budgeting, business continuity planning, cloud and data migration, and more, enabling you to keep pace with today’s fast-moving IT landscape

Business intelligence

Gain a clear vision of your transformation journey. Our BI professionals will work with you to develop an implementation strategy and advise you on quality requirements. We offer Business Intelligence as a Service, providing high-impact systems that amplify your decision-making with data insights.

IT assessment

Build sustainable IT capabilities able to support business plans, improve the efficiency, security, compliance, and reduce the costs of your IT infrastructure. We assess IT policies and procedures, server infrastructure and network infrastructure, data storage infrastructure, cloud services, business applications, and network security.

Advantages of hiring nQode IT consultants

We help build a vision of the initiatives needed to align your IT capability with your business goals.

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We assess your business requirements and determine the most suitable software solution by analyzing the required functionality.

  • Updating functional capabilities in line with emerging business requirements
  • Monitoring performance and resolving incidents
  • Auditing and patching app security
  • Long-lasting support and updates to ensure your continued success
  • Advising customers on the rollout and testing of new network deployments
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Our teams are qualified for highly demanding projects and we specialize in different niche technologies and platforms.

  • EDUCATION – Communication platforms and HR/HRM solutions
  • FINANCE – Payment gateways and billing solutions
  • HEALTHCARE – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
  • HOSPITALITY – Accounting and Project management software
  • GOVERNMENT – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software

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IT consulting company you can rely on

Enhance business productivity with IT consulting services.

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IT project and program management

Our IT project and program management services will help you achieve faster project workflow. Whether you need assistance with a specific project, or technological guidance, our approach moves away from traditional planning and provides customized IT project management to drive your technology infrastructure in the right direction.

Strategic planning

As part of our IT Consulting process, we help clients assess their network requirements and formulate system-implementation plans. Our team will provide advice on strategic plans and knowledge of emerging technologies to create the logical design of the network environment and the supporting infrastructure to meet your business requirements

Custom software development

Hire a team of experienced software developers to get your project going from start to finish fast – and with no friction. We provide full stack software development services and assist you at every stage of your software development to drive tangible business results

Our IT consulting process

We have a proven 4-step method to help you transform your business.

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Defining your needs

We hold a discovery session to clarify the project’s details and map out the technical approach. Based on your specific requirements, we select a suitable development or modernization approach. We can either enhance your existing solution or chart out the development process for a bespoke solution tailored to your unique business needs.


Timeline and statement of work

Our team will gather and integrate data from various resources. We will send over an estimated timeline and statement of work to ensure we maintain our rigorous quality standards. Our aim is to help you to get started as soon as possible but we also want to ensure we are on the same page as far as scope of work is concerned.


Orientation meeting and review

We organize a meeting to discuss all the findings and provide recommendations for any necessary changes. Additionally, we will make final adjustments to support procedures if required. Our extensive engineering checklist covers such things as network investigation, security assessment, backup verification, server room inspections, and policy documentation.


Handover and retainer

All the documentation and intellectual property we have created during the engagement time will be provided. Any outstanding questions will be answered and all knowledge will be shared with your team. We can continue to provide ad-hoc support on a retainer basis if required.



Our software engineers are abreast with all the latest technologies and well versed with the proven classic technologies.

Front-end Back-end Mobile DevOps Database Management Software Quality Assurance Cloud Service Providers

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Material UI
Custom Styling

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Mobile shapes

Languages & Frameworks

DevOps shapes

CI/CD Automation

Database Management shapes

Relational DBMS

Software Quality Assurance shapes

Languages & Frameworks
Automation Architecture and Testing
Manual Testing

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Scale your project with custom IT consulting services

We suggest the most suitable platform and create a functional specification that covers configuration, customization, and integration details.


Have questions about IT consulting services?

arrowWhat is IT consulting?

Consulting services are advisory services that help clients assess different technology and methodology strategies and, in doing so, align their network strategies with their business or process strategies. These services support customers’ IT initiatives by providing strategic, architectural, and operational and implementation planning related to their networks.

arrowWhat is a software consulting company?

A software consulting company is a professional services firm that provides expert guidance and advice to clients on how to plan, design, develop, and implement software solutions. These companies specialize in offering software-related consulting services to help organizations improve their software development processes, optimize software performance, and achieve their business goals through technology. The services offered by a software consulting company may include software development, software testing and quality assurance, project management, software architecture and design, IT strategy consulting, software maintenance and support, and more. The ultimate goal of a software consulting company is to help their clients leverage technology to achieve their business objectives in the most efficient and effective way possible.

arrowWhat is an example of IT consulting?

An example of IT consulting is when a company hires an IT consulting firm or professional to provide expert advice and guidance on technology-related matters. This can include assessing the company’s existing IT infrastructure, identifying areas for improvement, recommending suitable technologies or systems, and developing a strategic IT roadmap. The IT consultant may also offer assistance with implementing new technologies, optimizing processes, enhancing cybersecurity measures, or addressing specific IT challenges faced by the organization. Ultimately, IT consulting aims to help businesses leverage technology effectively to achieve their goals and improve overall IT operations.

arrowWhat does an IT consultant do?

An IT consultant is a professional who provides specialized expertise and guidance to businesses or organizations in the field of information technology. Here are some of the key responsibilities and tasks typically performed by IT consultants:

  1. Assessing and Analyzing: IT consultants evaluate a company’s existing technology infrastructure, systems, and processes to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. They gather requirements, analyze data, and conduct thorough assessments to understand the client’s IT needs and challenges.
  1. Recommending Solutions: Based on their analysis, IT consultants provide recommendations on technology solutions, strategies, and best practices to help clients achieve their business objectives. They propose appropriate software, hardware, and network configurations that align with the client’s goals and budget.
  1. Planning and Implementing: IT consultants assist in the planning and implementation of new systems, software, or infrastructure. They develop project plans, define timelines, and oversee the deployment process to ensure smooth transitions and minimal disruptions to the client’s operations.
  1. Security and Risk Management: IT consultants help businesses assess and enhance their cybersecurity measures. They identify vulnerabilities, develop security protocols, and implement safeguards to protect against data breaches, hacking attempts, and other security threats.
  1. Troubleshooting and Support: When technical issues arise, IT consultants provide troubleshooting and problem-solving expertise. They diagnose and resolve issues, conduct system audits, and offer ongoing support to ensure the client’s IT environment operates efficiently and effectively.
  1. Training and Knowledge Transfer: IT consultants may deliver training sessions to educate employees on new technologies or software systems. They help users understand and adapt to changes, empowering them to utilize the technology effectively.
  1. Keeping Up with Industry Trends: IT consultants stay updated on emerging technologies, industry trends, and best practices. They continuously expand their knowledge base to provide clients with the most relevant and up-to-date insights and recommendations.

Overall, the role of an IT consultant is to leverage their expertise and experience to assist organizations in leveraging technology to enhance productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness in their respective industries.

arrowWhen do you need an IT consultant to assess your project?

An IT consultant can be beneficial for assessing your project in various situations.

  1. Project planning: If you’re starting a new IT project or initiative, an IT consultant can help you in the planning phase. They can assess your requirements, objectives, and constraints to provide valuable insights and advice on the technical aspects of the project. They can assist in determining the feasibility of the project and develop a strategic plan.
  1. Technology evaluation: When you’re considering implementing new technologies or upgrading existing systems, an IT consultant can help you evaluate different options. They can analyze your business needs, review available technologies, and provide recommendations on the most suitable solutions for your project. They can assess factors such as scalability, security, cost-effectiveness, and compatibility with your existing infrastructure.
  1. Process improvement: If you’re experiencing inefficiencies or bottlenecks in your IT processes, an IT consultant can conduct an assessment to identify areas for improvement. They can analyze your current workflows, systems, and procedures to pinpoint inefficiencies, redundancies, or areas prone to errors. Based on their findings, they can propose solutions and strategies to optimize your processes and enhance productivity.
  1. Security and risk assessment: IT consultants can conduct comprehensive security assessments to identify vulnerabilities and risks in your IT infrastructure. They can analyze your network, systems, and applications to uncover potential security threats and recommend measures to mitigate them. This includes assessing your data protection practices, access controls, disaster recovery plans, and overall cybersecurity posture.
  1. Vendor selection: When you’re considering engaging with external IT vendors or service providers, an IT consultant can assist in the selection process. They can help you define your requirements, develop request for proposal (RFP) documents, and evaluate vendor proposals. Their expertise can ensure that you choose the most suitable vendor who aligns with your project goals and can deliver the desired outcomes.
  1. Troubleshooting and problem-solving: If you’re facing persistent IT issues or challenges within your project, an IT consultant can provide expertise and guidance. They can analyze the problem, investigate the root causes, and propose effective solutions. Their objective perspective and experience can be invaluable in resolving complex technical issues.

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